Trace Elements was founded by Tracy Purto on a solid platform of business, PR & marketing communications experience. Our formula for shaping, building, growing and entrenching brands is a combination of business science, real relationships & creative chemistry. We get it right by understanding the basic principles of business & aligning our clients’ objectives with in-depth market analysis & customised strategies that generate positive reaction.

At Trace Elements, we know that bottom line growth is never the result of random planning. As a result, every press release, event, promotion, launch & networking exercise is a meticulously calculated, value added exercise, aimed at achieving specific, well-defined goals. Trace Elements is equipped to handle campaigns and events of any size and within any budget type.

Trace Elements has secured an impressive client portfolio & current clients include Aucor Property, Cashbuild, The Triton Express Group incorporating Triton Express, Triton Linehaul, Triton Supply Chain Solutions and Triton Fleet Management and Ideal Toys representing brands including Our Generation Dolls, Yookidoo, Smart Games and Goldieblox. Tracy also handles the brand & reputation management for Jeremy & Jacqui Mansfield and their highly successful Zhoozsh! brand.